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Political Analyst Challenges Micheal Moore to Live Debate.

In the aftermath of the release of his new anti-American film, Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore was today challenged to a live televised debate by internationally renowned political analyst, Ilya Osadchuk.

“The public has the right to know that Michael Moore is not telling the whole story,” says Osadchuk. “Fahrenheit 9/11 is propaganda,” he says. “It oversimplifies and distorts, and employs misleading editing to trick America into adopting Moore’s own personal beliefs.”

Ilya Osadchuk is a Russian-born political analyst who now lives in Australia. Before emigrating to Australia, Osadchuk held a number of influential positions, including President of Russia’s “GORBY” club, and member of the Department of Information for the UN. He is known in political circles as the analyst who “knows tomorrow’s news today” as he has yet to make a false prediction.

 Now Osadchuk urges all Americans to unite behind President Bush. “It is  only through Bush’s strong leadership and love of America that we avoided WWIII after September 11,” says Osadchuk. He believes that without Bush, America may lose its superpower status. “America is the only country with the steady hand required to hold the reins of world peace, but only with George Bush as President,” says Osadchuk.

“Moore’s so-called documentary is blatant propaganda which puts America and the world at risk. He’s trying to tell America how to vote, and he is making people pay for the privilege,” says Osadchuk. “Instead of using hard facts, Michael Moore uses emotional appeal and skewed perception,” he says. “Fahrenheit 9/11 omits relevant facts, leaving the audience with an extremely one-sided picture.”

For example, the movie suggests Bush was floundering for support long before September 11. Yet, Moore fails to mention that on May 23, 2001, President Bush not only had the support of Congress but also managed to introduce a $1.35 trillion tax cut. Moore also uses a large number of statistics in his film without referencing their source.

“Out of concern for the American people, I can’t let these blatant misrepresentations go without challenge,” says Ilya Osadchuk: “If Moore is a true champion of democracy, he will have no qualms about defending his views on live television.”


Article from: PR Newswire
Article date: July 7, 2004